We listen to treasurers’ requirements, designing solutions to address the challenges and risks they face in today’s financial markets. We appreciate that treasurers wish to maximise the returns they achieve on their cash balances, but that the 2008 financial crisis has made them more wary of taking risks.

While our cash / liquidity solution's primary focus is on capital preservation, they also seek to generate a competitive yield. 

Our IMMFA-accredited funds have high levels of liquidity and diversification, complemented by complete transparency of holdings. This removes the need for treasurers to undertake time-consuming assessments of counterparty risk and ensures diversification in investments.

For treasurers with slightly longer duration requirements, we can provide bespoke solutions by drawing on our expertise in active fixed income management. These can incorporate FRNs and asset-backed securities, as well as short-dated government and corporate bonds where appropriate.

Advantages for treasurers

  • IMMFA-accredited
  • Focus on capital preservation
  • Aim to generate competitive yield
  • High levels of liquidity and diversification
  • Transparency of holdings
  • Bespoke solutions to meet longer duration requirements

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