Liquidity management

LGIM’s range of cash management solutions is backed by one of the largest active fixed income teams in Europe. The combination of our significant resources, collaborative team-based investment approach, and high-quality research mean we can offer clients a range of pooled funds and bespoke liquidity solutions to support their cash management needs.

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Our fund range

To support operational cash management, same day liquidity and daily price stability, we offer Liquidity Funds in Euro, Sterling, and US Dollars. For more strategic cash, the Liquidity Plus Fund offers capital stability and an increased return target over a longer term horizon. Both funds can be used independently or as a combined cash investment management solution. We also offer a bespoke separate account capability.

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Liquidity document library

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The LGIM investment approach

LGIM has a team-based approach to liquidity management, which forms a strategic part of our asset management capability.

Our approach draws together three forward looking elements, all dedicated to capital stability and providing liquidity. Our long term macro themes act as an anchor to portfolio construction, our global credit research produces high quality diversified portfolios, and effective risk management ensures consistency with portfolio objectives.

In addition to LGIM’s risk management oversight, the LGIM Liquidity Funds are rated AAAm by Standard & Poor’s, Aaa-mf by Moody’s and AAAmmf by Fitch.

Investment team

John Wherton

Senior Fund Manager