Active equity

Investment approach

We believe an active approach to managing equities can add long-lasting value for clients. Our bottom-up high-conviction, often contrarian approach to stock selection means that we only invest in companies we believe offer genuine value for our investors.

Active equity strategies

We apply our high-conviction approach across equity markets from around the world to offer a range of investment strategies.

Equity income

We target companies with dominant market positions trading at compelling valuations, seeking scalable business models and a sustainable commitment to paying dividends.

Growth Funds

We run concentrated portfolios of high conviction ideas which tend to be unconstrained.  We look to identify secular and cyclical growth opportunities that we believe will generate above market returns.

Global Equity

Our outcome-orientated funds targets both annual returns and income growth of 4% ahead of inflation from a specialist mix of large cap global equities and corporate bonds.

Active equity funds

We offer a wide range of equity funds to meet a variety of investment needs. This includes:

Real Income Builder

An outcome-orientated, real income solution which aims to provide sustainable income growth with a total return mind-set.

Growth Trust

A highly concentrated portfolio of only 25, broadly equally weighted holdings, with a bias towards quality growth ideas. We adopt a “one in, one out” approach to stock selection, with the aim of providing long term growth for investors.

European Trust

Aims to provide long-term capital growth through larger and medium-sized businesses from across the 15 major European countries.

Asian Income Trust

Capitalising on Asia’s diversification, this fund aims to provide an above-market level of yield as well as maximising total return.


Our experienced active equity fund managers are high-conviction stock selectors with proven investment track records. Each fund manager is an expert in their respective field.

We only manage active equity funds against objectives where we know active investing has advantages. Fund managers and analysts have exceptional access to company management and leading market research which leads to shared insights and informed decision making. Understanding global trends is key to their analysis and our fund managers are able to draw on the expertise of our in-house economists.


We publish a range of articles and publications on a regular basis covering key themes in financial markets and topical investment commentary. These include long-term investment themes, market insights and client solutions-based thinking. 

Market Insights

Sharpening your focus on what matters in markets.

Long-term Thinking

Our research on the most important trends affecting the future of the global economy.

Investment Foresight

Our thinking in action. Sharing the strategy behind our solutions and how we implement them.


Information about the MiFID II regulations that came into effect in January 2018, including how costs and charges are represented for LGIM funds.

Additional asset classes


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The value of investments and any income from them may fall as well as rise, and investors may get back less than they invest. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Changes in exchange rates or medium to long-term interest rates may cause the value of an investment to fall.

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