Fiduciary Management

Fiduciary management is a governance model that aims to improve outcomes for defined benefit (DB) pension schemes. A fiduciary manager works with you to define your scheme's objectives, and then takes responsibility for delivering them successfully. Fiduciary management brings you six key benefits:

  • Partnership: Working closely with you to ensure that your specific needs are fully understood
  • Time: By delegating day-to-day decisions, you have more time to focus on strategy
  • Focus: Achieving your objectives is the focus, and all investment decisions are aimed at improving your funding level
  • Investment excellence: Bringing market leading investment expertise to your portfolio
  • Speed: A fiduciary manager which is close to markets, and with freedom to act, can react much more quickly to threats and opportunities
  • Costs: Costs are a headwind to achieving your goals, but using a manager with scale can reduce the impact of costs
Fiduciary Management Service: Made to Measure video

LGIM – unique capabilities and expertise

Unrivalled investment strength – so you get the best tools for the job
We believe that investment expertise has to be the key driver of any fiduciary management service. As the UK's largest* asset manager, LGIM has strength in all the capabilities necessary for a successful and complete fiduciary management service, and our expertise in endgame-focused solutions is already helping schemes move to their objectives of buyout or self-sufficiency.

A powerful platform – giving you increased dynamism and cost savings
We avoid the costly trade-offs and reduced transparency associated with using multiple investment managers. Having everything under one roof offers simplicity, cost savings and dynamism. We can manage your portfolio holistically, and when there are opportunities in the market we can execute in-house, quickly and cost-effectively, helping you get to your investment objective sooner. Substantial client flows into and out of different asset classes help us cut transaction costs for our clients.

Unrivalled experience – so you get better outcomes
Trustees rightly want experience. LGIM is the investment management arm of one of the oldest and largest insurance companies in the world, with a heritage dating back to 1836. We have been providing innovative investment solutions to DB pension schemes for over 45 years. We pioneered UK index investment in the 1980s, LDI solutions in the early 2000s, and as part of the L&G Group now offer schemes a direct route to buyout. As the result of our ongoing commitment to innovation and client service, today we have over 2,500 DB pension scheme clients.

*Investment & Pensions Europe 2015.