How to invest in LGIM’s Liquidity funds

How do I open an account?

To open a shareholder account for the LGIM Liquidity Funds plc (the “Company”), you are required to complete an application form and send it to Northern Trust Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited (the “Administrator”). Subject to the receipt of a fully completed application form by the Administrator, an account will generally be opened within 24 to 48 hours. Both the Administrator and Legal & General Investment Management will be happy to assist in the completion of your application. Please contact the Liquidity Team (details opposite).

Please note redemption proceeds or income distributions will not be paid until all anti-money laundering (AML) documents are received.


In order to open a shareholder account the following documentation will be required:

  • Original application form (providing details of the shareholder)
  • Confirmation of identity documentation for AML purposes (full details can be found in Appendix I of the application form)
  • Authorised signatory list on the headed paper of the applicant’s company or certified copy evidencing the authority of the signatories to complete the application form

Where do I send the completed form and documentation?

Fax the completed application form to the Administrator on +353 1 434 5293 who will confirm receipt of documentation and notify you of the shareholder account number via email.

All original documentation (application form, AML documentation and authorised signatory list) should then be sent by post or courier to the Administrator at the following address:

LGIM Liquidity Funds plc
Northern Trust Global Services SE, UK Branch
Georges Court, 54-62 Townsend Street
Dublin 2, Ireland
Fax no: +353 1 434 5293

How do I make subscriptions and redemptions?

Subscriptions and redemptions can be made to the account on a same-day basis, in accordance with dealing cut off times. Instruction received after this time will be processed the next business day (as defined in the Liquidity prospectus ).

Instructions can be made via:

    • Telephone
      When dealing by telephone please use the dedicated telephone number 0333 3000 371 to contact the Fund Services Centre at the Administrator.
      Please note when dealing via the telephone, you will need to know your shareholder account number, the ISIN for the fund, share class and currency.
      You will be asked a number of security questions to verify that relate to your account.
    • Fax
      Please complete the application form and fax to the Administrator on + 353 (1) 434 5293.
    • Swift
      Please contact the Administrator if you wish to deal via SWIFT at account set-up.
    • Portal
      Please notify Legal & General Investment Management and the Administrator at account set-up if you wish to deal via a portal.

Please note: Redemptions can be placed even if the Administrator has not received all original documents. However, proceeds will not be paid until all original documents have been received. We would recommend that redemptions are not placed until all required documents have been received and processed.

How do I make payments for subscriptions?

See our  for full details of the account numbers. Details of the dealing cut-off times and minimum subscription for each share class are on our Sterling and US Dollar Liquidity Funds pages.

What reporting is available?

  • Contract note sent by close of business daily
  • Monthly valuation statement sent by close of business, first business day of month end
  • Monthly transaction statement sent by close of business, first business day of month end
  • Monthly fund fact sheet

When is income paid?

Income distributions are calculated on a daily basis and paid / reinvested monthly on the first business day of the month. Should you place a full account redemption during the month, the interest accrued for the month to date will be paid on the settlement date of the redemption (as a separate payment from the nominal amount).

Investors electing to reinvest income automatically will receive a credit on the first business day of the month.

Investors set to receive cash will have their entitlement remitted directly to the bank detail held on file on the first business day of the month.