Sterling Liquidity Plus Fund

The principal investment objective of the LGIM Sterling Liquidity Plus Fund (the Fund) is to preserve capital over an extended time horizon of 6 to 12 months and generate an annual return above three-month Libor, over the course of a market cycle.

The Fund invests selectively in a range of money market and fixed income assets, incorporating yield curve positioning, sector and security selection. Our risk management framework is designed to ensure the Fund has low sensitivity to changing market conditions. The Fund will have a variable net asset value (VNAV) with T+2 settlement.

Why choose the LGIM Sterling Liquidity Plus Fund?

  • A focus on capital preservation: The Fund aims to preserve capital over a six to 12-month horizon through high credit quality investments and controlled duration
  • Significant experience, scale and resources: LGIM has been managing cash assets for over 40 years. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of liquidity solutions and a global fixed income investor.
  • Additional return potential: The Fund offers the potential for higher returns on longer-term cash allocations

Fund fees

The classes below are registered but may not be launched.

Fees - Sterling Liquidity Plus Fund

Table Caption
Share class Minimum subscription / holding Annual management charge
Class 1  Restricted Up to 0.15%
Class 2 £1,000,000 0.25%
Class 3 £10,000,000 0.20% 
Class 4 £20,000,000 0.15%
Class 5 £20,000,000 0.25%

All share classes have an all-inclusive charge.

Key fund facts - Sterling Liquidity Plus Fund

Table Caption
Share class ISIN Launch date Dealing cut-off
Class 1* IE00BYYCC479 TBC 1pm GMT
Class 2 IE00BYYCC586 TBC 1pm GMT
Class 3 IE00BYYCC693 TBC 1pm GMT
Class 4 IE00BYYCC701 9 September 2016 1pm GMT
Class 5 IE00BYYCC818 18 November 2016 1pm GMT

* Class 1 shares are restricted to investors who maintain a discretionary investment management agreement or other agreement with the Investment Manager or any associate of the Investment Manager.