US Dollar Liquidity Fund

The principal investment objective of the US Dollar Liquidity Fund is to provide capital stability, liquidity and diversification while providing a competitive level of return. The Fund invests in high quality short-term fixed income and variable rate securities listed or traded on one or more Recognised Exchanges, across a range of financial institutions, sovereign and corporate issuers.

To view the holdings held by the US Dollar Liquidity Fund, including details such as maturity, issuer and other asset information, please contact the Liquidity team (details opposite).

To view the US Dollar Liquidity Fund summary and portfolio analytics published by Fitch Ratings, visit

Fees - US Dollar Liquidity Fund

Fees - US Dollar Liquidity Fund
Share class Minimum subscription/holdings Annual management charge
Class 1 Restricted Up to 0.10%
Class 2 N/A N/A
Class 3 US$15,000,000 0.15%
Class 4 US$30,000,000 0.10%

All share classes have an all-inclusive charge.

Key fund facts - US Dollar Liquidity Fund

Key fund facts - US Dollar Liquidity Fund
Share class 1*:
Share class 2:
Share class 3:
Share class 4:
Launch date:
9 January 2008
Dealing cut-off:
4pm GMT

*Class 1 shares are restricted to investors who maintain a discretionary investment management agreement or other agreement with the Investment Manager or any associate of the Investment Manager.