What is corporate governance and responsible investment?

As one of the world’s leading investment companies, we believe we have a responsibility, not just to our clients, but to society as a whole.

We use our scale as a major investor to encourage the companies in which our clients invest to develop resilient strategies, think longer-term and consider their stakeholders. We also work towards changing wider market standards, policies and regulations to make the financial system more sustainable.

We do this because we care for our clients’ future and believe that good governance protects the long-term prospects of our clients.  The ultimate goal is to protect and enhance the investment returns for the benefit of our clients’ interests.

Our Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment team operates independently and reports directly to the LGIM board. This structure ensures that any potential investment conflicts of interest are minimised, and that we always act to achieve the best outcome for all our clients.


Active Ownership annual report

Active Ownership

Read our Active Ownership report to see how we use our scale and influence to bring about real change in the companies and markets we invest in.