Active equity

Investment approach

We believe an active approach to managing equities can add long-lasting value for clients. Our bottom-up high-conviction, often contrarian approach to stock selection means that our portfolios tend to have a high active share.

Active equity strategies

We aim to deliver outcomes that are hard to replicate via beta solutions. Building focussed growth and value portfolios which avoid style drift.

Active equity funds

We offer a select range of active funds where we believe high-conviction, concentrated portfolios can generate outperformance.

Beyond beta

The Active Equity team focuses on investment strategies that are designed to complement index portfolio building blocks.

  • Conviction: We aim to manage funds that are comprised of high-conviction ideas that drive high active share
  • Differentiated: We target outcomes that are hard to replicate via index solutions such as forward looking sustainable long-term income and focused growth portfolios
  • Advantaged: LGIM's industry-leading access to company management is a key advantage for the team over competitor active equity funds

LGIM's Active equity philosophy


We publish a range of articles and publications on a regular basis covering key themes in financial markets and topical investment commentary. These include long-term investment themes, market insights and client solutions-based thinking.