Fixed income

Investment approach

Our approach is based on identifying market trends and new themes which can impact long-term investment performance.

Our macro views provide both guidance for top-down portfolio positioning and a clear focus for individual bond selection.

Fixed income strategies

Our fixed income strategies are designed to deliver performance and manage risks. We offer a wide range of UK and global credit strategies, designed to meet our clients’ evolving needs. Each strategy benefits from the strength of our fixed income team who have deep market knowledge and experience, the robustness of our processes, and our meticulous approach to risk management.

Fixed income funds

We offer a wide range of fixed income funds to meet a variety of investment needs. This includes:


Our team of over 70 investment professionals* has an average of 14 years’ investment experience. They share timely investment ideas, multi-sector expertise, and quantitative analysis to harness a broad range of fixed income investment opportunities. Collaboration across our investment platform enables the team to apply its experience and insight to bring tailored products and solutions to the market.

*as at 30 June 2021


We publish a range of articles and publications on a regular basis covering key themes in financial markets and topical investment commentary. These include long-term investment themes, market insights and client solutions-based thinking.