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Multi-Index fund range

The Multi-Index fund range is our flagship multi-asset offering for financial advisers and wealth managers.

The five, risk-targeted funds are built on four key investing pillars of multi-asset investing: suitability, dynamic asset allocation, diversification and cost effectiveness. These driving forces are integral to delivering efficient multi-Index solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

We target the risk characteristics of the Distribution Technology asset allocation but then build the portfolio based on our own long-term assumptions. We believe our focus on staying within clients’ risk parameter is a differentiating factor for us.

*Source: LGIM, Multi-Index 3-7, 31 July 2020

Webinar: Multi-Index unfiltered: Part II - Beware the bear

Date and time: Tuesday 2 March 2021 at 10am 


Join our Multi-Asset Unfiltered virtual coffee break at LGIM’s Virtual Investment Summit on 2 March at 10 am. We’ll be assessing whether equity markets are in bubble territory. In addition, the panel will discuss the UK’s handling of the pandemic and its future relationship with the EU.

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Meet our Multi-Index managers

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Justin Onuekwusi

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Andrzej Pioch


Francis Chua

Our Multi-Index fund managers are responsible for managing the Multi-Index fund range. They are part of the Asset Allocation team at LGIM. This team comprises highly-skilled specialists from many disciplines including economists, investment strategists and fund managers who work together to monitor market cycles and the mix of the portfolios, combining robust risk mitigation and strategic asset allocation.

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