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10 investment biases (you didn’t know you had)

John Roe, Head of Multi-Asset Funds, takes readers on a whistle-stop tour of 10 behavioural biases that can hinder investment performance.

Everyone can fall foul of these behavioural biases. We’re all human, after all. But recognising this and making adjustments to your behaviour can help make you a better investor.
Artificial Intelligence

One of the three key philosophies driving our investment process is our emphasis on disciplined investment thinking. We don’t rely on external research or follow the crowd; instead, we have a 25-strong team of experts that work together within our structured investment framework to develop independent views.

Why do we think disciplined independent thinking is so important? Like everyone else, investors are susceptible to biases that can influence – and unfortunately undermine – their investment decisions. Increasingly, investors are using this knowledge to design better investment solutions and gain an advantage over the rest of the market.

Here, we identify 10 behavioural biases that we aim to filter out of our investment process.

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