02 March 2020

US labour market pains on the horizon, says LGIM

In Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM)'s February Fundamentals, Global Economist James Carrick addresses the quandary facing the Federal Reserve (the Fed) in 2017.

This time last year, financial markets were in turmoil. But the interventions of major central banks in 2016 appear to have worked: risk assets have rallied and credit conditions have eased, leading to a general consensus that US growth will hold up 2017.

According to James, however, the tight US labour market is driving inflation and squeezing corporate margins. As a result, the Fed could be caught between restraining inflation and limiting the burden on a squeezed corporate sector.

“Although it is widely acknowledged that ‘headline’ inflation is likely to rise in line with the recovery in commodity prices, many believe ‘core’ inflation pressures remain weak,” says James.

“But there is a larger channel through which commodity prices can affect core inflation – via wages.”

“If we’re right that the tightness of the labour market has been masked by second-round effects from lower commodity prices, then wages and core consumer prices should accelerate in 2017. The Fed is therefore likely to hike rates two or three times. In turn, this could cause a self-reinforcing tightening of credit conditions.”

“The big picture is that in contrast to previous years, the Fed has more than one fire to fight. If it keeps interest rates too low for too long, it risks inflation taking off. If it tightens too quickly, it could undermine corporate finances.”

“While economic growth is expected to hold up well over the next 12 months, investors with a longer-term investment horizon might want to be cautious. Our analysis suggests we are approaching the end of the economic cycle.”

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