Assessing companies' ESG

LGIM has developed proprietary, rules-based approaches to scoring companies from an environmental, social and governance (ESG) perspectives. Through our transparent scoring methodologies and by publishing our scores, we aim to incentivise companies to improve their ESG profile and drive positive change in the economies in which we invest. Scores are updated on a bi-annual basis.

Global ESG Score

The LGIM ESG score assess companies against minimum standards within ESG and is aligned with LGIMs voting policy and principles.  This means that for companies with poor ESG scores, we are more likely to vote against them at their Annual General Meetings (AGM).


Disclaimer: The Future World Protection List (“FWPL”) is generated periodically from information provided to LGIM by its third party service providers/licensors. Although the FWPL is believed to be accurate, LGIM does not independently audit or verify the data contained in the FWPL and cannot guarantee the availability, accuracy, completeness or the reliability of such data. Although LGIM will seek to exclude all relevant securities set out in the FWPL from the relevant funds (being those funds  that apply the FWPL as set out in the relevant Prospectus) (each, a “Relevant Fund”), LGIM cannot guarantee that all securities listed on the FWPL (and all securities related to an issuer on that list) will be excluded from each Relevant Fund. To the maximum extent permitted by law, LGIM does not accept any liability which arises from its use or reliance on the FWPL or any errors or omissions contained therein.