Bespoke LDI solutions

Our liability-driven investment (LDI) solutions help pension schemes retain their allocation to growth assets to improve funding levels, while reducing funding level volatility caused by changes in interest rates and inflation.

We offer schemes segregated solutions  that are tailored to their bespoke needs and help them meet their liabilities, both now and in the future.

We work with schemes to construct a bespoke LDI solution using our comprehensive de-risking toolkit:



LGIM bespoke LDI solutions offer you:

  • Liability modelling and solutions design
  • Value-adding implementation
  • Counterparty risk management
  • Management of underlying assets and collateral processes
  • Full central clearing compliance
  • Detailed risk reporting and performance monitoring
  • Access to LGIM’s team expertise and research.

Pooled LDI solutions

Find out about our Pooled LDI solutions