Transition Management

What is transition management?

A transition refers to the restructuring of a portfolio from one strategy to another. Efficient management of these events is an important part of a strong governance structure and at the core of the protection of asset values.

Implementing change is vital to achieving long-term investment objectives. However, a myriad of expenses, including commission, taxes and custody fees, and risks such as market impact and opportunity costs, need to be assessed and mitigated.

Transition management helps you manage the risks and costs of implementing strategic investment change.


Why LGIM for transition management?

Our strength of experience, both within transition management and across the wider asset management business, combined with our high standards of client service, helps us to provide a premium and bespoke transition service.

  • An independent approach – we align our service closely with your interests, both in the way we are remunerated and how we interact with the market
  • Clear, measurable optimisation strategies – we are able to demonstrate the benefit of our innovative and comprehensive approach in our reporting
  • Transparent remuneration – we charge a flat fee for each transition, agreed in advance of the project commencing
  • Unique team structure – our resources enable us to appoint a dedicated project manager and transition manager for every transition
  • Flexible solutions for smaller clients – we leverage our infrastructure to provide solutions for smaller clients and those without custody arrangements