Multi-asset funds

Multi-asset funds are designed for investors seeking diversified exposure to a broad range of different types of investments. By choosing a multi-asset fund DC investors can avoid having concentrated exposure to any one type of asset class or driver of returns. Risk management is also an essential element of multi-asset investing, aiming to help reduce the chances of poor outcomes for  investors.

Multi-Asset Fund

The Multi-Asset Fund is a globally diversified fund that seeks to help members grow their  retirement savings in a cost efficient way. The fund is designed to help DC pension scheme investors who are looking for long-term growth but with less volatility than a pure equity fund.

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Future World Multi-Asset Fund

The Future World Multi-Asset Fund has been designed for DC pension investors who wish to go further in integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into a genuinely diversified strategy. The fund aims to be straightforward and transparent in its approach, utilising  our Corporate Governance team’s expertise by investing in Future World index funds that track LGIM-designed ESG indices or other index funds where relevant. The fund takes our approach to climate change one step further by incorporating LGIM’s innovative Climate Impact Pledge.

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Diversified Fund

The Diversified Fund is designed for long-term DC pension investors seeking to grow their pension savings by accessing pure market exposure. The fund aims to provide a rate of return that’s broadly similar to that of developed market equities over the long term but with lower volatility.

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Dynamic Diversified Fund

The Dynamic Diversified Fund is designed for DC pension investors seeking to harness the potential benefits of diversification combined with dynamically managed asset allocation. The long-term expected annualised rate of return for this fund is the Bank of England Base Rate +4.5% per annum, over a full market cycle. The fund looks to generate returns by investing across multiple asset classes and time horizons, while focusing on proactively managing investment risk.

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Diversified Multi-Factor Equity Fund

The Diversified Multi-Factor Equity Fund is a global, strategic multi-factor equity fund that targets factors that aim to improve investor outcomes, and diversifies away concentration risk. The fund aims to reduce risk versus the global equity market through a broad exposure across regions and sectors, and reduced stock-specific concentration.

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Retirement Income Multi-Asset Fund

The Retirement Income Multi-Asset Fund is designed for DC investors who would like to draw an income directly from their pension fund while remaining invested for future growth potential. The fund invests globally in a range of different asset classes and uses innovative cashflow thinking to help manage the risk of running out of capital for members redeeming fund units over time.

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The value of any investment and any income taken from it is not guaranteed and can go down as well as up, and investors may get back less than the amount originally invested.