Investment only platform

LGIM’s Investment only platform brings together the entire implementation tool kit of the UK’s largest asset manager*

The platform offers our extensive range of cost-effective leading index-tracking products through to innovative DC solutions, together with third party funds. 

We can provide clients with:

  • A full range of transition services including pre-funding, re-registration, in-specie, efficient restructuring, matching/crossing and derivative use
  • Project managed implementation
    White labelling and blending at no additional cost
  • Fully customisable tolerance and rebalancing strategies
  • Blend-of-blends and tiered fund structures
  • Allocation specialists to manage complex blends including use of illiquid components
  • Smart Cashflow
  • Efficient STP processing within a single day operating cycle
  • Intraday switching with no settlement mismatch
  • Bespoke fact sheets

*IPE Research Top 400 Survey 2016