Growth Strategy

The Growth team analyse the investment universe from the perspective of ‘owners of businesses’, not just ‘traders of shares’. Their disciplined stock selection process seeks stocks where the underlying businesses demonstrate high barriers to entry and the capability to deliver sustainable, organic growth. The team believe return on investment drives future cashflows and cashflows determine the long-term share price of a company.

The portfolios are concentrated and tend to exhibit a very high active share, meaning the funds are very different to their underlying benchmarks. The portfolios tend to have reasonably high tracking errors and on average incorporate many non-consensus investment ideas.

Alpha Strategy
Market behaviour Growth approach
Trader of shares Owner of businesses
Short-term return Long-term return
P/E upgrades Fundamental analysis (trust in valuations)
Benchmark hugger Conviction stock pricing
Consensus Contrarian
Mega-cap biased Small / mid-cap biased

We demonstrate below an overview of how the growth strategies overlap and compliment each other in terms of investment style and market cap exposure.

Strategy Inception date Investment style


No. of holdings
Future World Focus Fund July 2017 A highly, concentrated global portfolio combines thematic views, ESG and fundamental analysis 105
UK Smaller Companies Aug 2005 UK small cap, value and growth 946 78
UK Alpha May 2005 UK all cap, deep value and high growth, bias to AIM 95 53
UK Special Situations Oct 2008 Concentrated, all cap focus, bias to mid caps 232 44
UK Growth Oct 2000 UK mid and large caps, concentrated growth 220 26
European ex UK Dec 2003 European large cap, growth, momentum 484 43

*As at 1 February 2020

Growth team

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The strategies mentioned invest in equities (shares of companies), so there is a higher risk of the Funds value being volatile (ie going up and down) than with a Fund which invests in most other asset types, particularly in the short term.

Any objective or target will be treated as a target only and should not be considered as an assurance or guarantee of performance of the Fund or any part of it. Investors must refer to the Key Features Document and the Description of Funds prior to investment which carry full details of all pertinent risk warnings. Copies can be made available on request. There are no guarantees that objectives will be achieved. This document should not be taken as an invitation to deal in Legal & General investments or any of the stated stock markets. You may not get back the amount you originally invested.

The return from your investment is not guaranteed and therefore you may receive a lower or higher return than you anticipated. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.