Benchmark driven credit

LGIM provides a comprehensive range of regional and global benchmark driven credit solutions:

Global credit

We leverage our regional expertise and asset allocation capabilities to deliver truly global credit strategies for our clients.

A global portfolio can be built by simply combining regional allocations or portfolios together. However, we believe that global credit portfolios have additional opportunities to add value by considering cross-market relative value differences on a tactical as well as longer term strategic basis.

LGIM has three global strategies in active investment grade fixed income:

  • Global Credit managed against a sterling benchmark (Core Plus)
  • Global Credit managed against a global benchmark
  • Global Credit managed against an absolute return benchmark

A consistent macro thematic investment process is employed for all strategies, supported by rigorous fundamental credit research to identify conviction views and manage risks vs benchmarks - reflecting the distinctions and dynamics of local markets.

Taking regional excellence global

LGIM is one of the UK’s largest investors in sterling corporate bonds, running considerable portfolios through both our index-tracking and active businesses.

Within our global credit solutions we leverage our regional expertise and asset allocation capabilities to deliver a truly global strategy for our clients.

In addition to sterling credit we offer a specialist range of regional strategies, including European, US and emerging market credit.

Why LGIM for benchmark-driven credit?

  • All-purpose approach - Our investment process integrates top-down fundamental macro analysis with bottom-up stock selection and is specifically designed to perform under all market conditions, with no in-built style biases
  • Risk management - By effectively managing a wide variety of potential risks, we have successfully negotiated some of the most challenging conditions investors have ever seen, delivering solid performance
  • Strong and experienced global fixed income team - LGIM is one of the UK’s largest institutional asset managers and dedicates significant resources to fixed income with over 80 investment professionals feeding into our active fixed income investment process and together managing in excess of GBP 191 / EUR 214 / CHF 231 billion (as at 31 December 2020).

Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Fixed income strategies

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