Bespoke LDI solutions

Trustees requiring bespoke, segregated solutions can access LGIM’s scale and expertise as the UK’s largest manager of UK pension scheme assets.

Our philosophy: Funding level outcomes are improved by being:

  • Objective orientated: Translate objectives and liabilities into a bespoke benchmark
  • Outcome risk focused: Align risk management and objectives – ensuring you can pay pensions
  • Collaborative: Leverage our diversity of thought to bring clients the best of L&G
  • Cost efficient: Value add implementation avoiding unnecessary current and future costs
  • Client-centric: Deliver excellent client engagement to ensure strategy evolves appropriately

We can work with you and your advisers to construct a bespoke LDI solution using our comprehensive de-risking toolkit:


LGIM bespoke LDI solutions offer you:

  • Liability modelling and solutions design
  • Value-adding implementation
  • Counterparty risk management
  • Management of underlying assets and collateral processes
  • Full central clearing compliance
  • Detailed risk reporting and performance monitoring
  • Access to LGIM’s team expertise and research.