Low-equity beta

Our low-equity beta multi-asset solutions are designed for investors seeking an active, low-volatility alternative to a traditional diversified solution. They access complementary sources of return, including market returns, alternative strategies and tactical opportunities, while also aiming to manage overall portfolio volatility levels actively.

LGIM Multi-Asset Target Return Fund

The Multi-Asset Target Return Fund seeks investment growth, while also aiming to manage volatility actively by accessing complementary sources of return including market returns, alternative strategies and tactical opportunities.

  • Low reliance on market direction: invests in specifically developed strategies to generate returns that are less reliant on market direction
  • Flexibility: a truly flexible investment approach that leverages LGIM’s extensive investment capabilities
  • Risk management: with a proven multi-asset investment approach, including the ability to take short positions, the fund seeks to generate returns with low volatility

Multi-asset investment strategies

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