Our strategic multi-asset solutions are designed to form the core of any long-term investment portfolio. They offer investors a simple, diversified and transparent vehicle targeting lower volatility than equities, while aiming to provide a similar long-term rate of return. By using regular fund reviews, our strategic solutions consider not only long-term fundamentals, but also the impact of exceptional market circumstances.

LGIM Diversified Fund

The LGIM Diversified Fund aims to provide simple access to a core multi-asset portfolio that seeks a long-term rate of return broadly similar to that of developed market equities but with lower volatility.

  • Pragmatic asset allocation: diversified across a wide range of investment markets such as equities, bonds, credit, property and alternatives
  • Simplicity and efficiency: the use of simple, liquid investment exposure (including in-house index funds) aims to reduce both explicit and implicit costs
  • Risk clarity: a transparent approach to ensure clients and avoid unexpected outcomes

Future World Multi-Asset Fund

The Future World Multi-Asset Fund has been designed for pension investors who wish to go further in integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into a genuinely diversified strategy. The fund aims to be straightforward and transparent in its approach, utilising our Corporate Governance team’s expertise by investing in Future World index funds that track LGIM-designed ESG indices or other index funds where relevant.

  • Multi-asset solution: The fund aims to provide access to multiple sources of return that are diversified across asset classes, economic regions and currency exposures
  • Efficient index investments with ESG ‘tilts’: Efficient and cost-effective index building blocks, which include LGIM-designed index funds, aim to allocate more money towards companies that score well from an ESG perspective, and away from low-scoring companies
  • Meaningful ESG impact: The ESG scores are generated from public information and are aligned with LGIM’s engagement and voting activities. The fund takes our approach to climate change one step further by incorporating LGIM’s innovative Climate Impact Pledge.

LGIM Diversified Multi-Factor Equity Fund

The LGIM Diversified Multi-Factor Equity Fund (DMEF) is a global, strategic multi-factor equity fund that targets factors that aim to improve investor outcomes, and diversifies away concentration risk.

  • Cost-effective factor exposure: the fund gives investors access to a portfolio of global equities which exhibit ‘factor’ characteristics – common drivers of risk and return
  • Globally diversified: the fund aims to reduce risk versus the global equity market through broad exposure across regions and sectors, and reduced stock-specific concentration
  • Asset Allocation expertise: LGIM’s Asset Allocation team decides the geographical allocation and currency exposure of the fund, once the factor tilts have been applied


Any investment involves risks, especially with regard to fluctuations in value and return. No guarantee can be given that a Fund will achieve its objective, or reach or outperform the performance of its benchmark, if any. Investments in foreign currencies involve the additional risk that the foreign currency might lose value against the investor’s reference currency. Historical performance indications and financial market scenarios are no guarantee for current or future performance. Performance indications do not consider charges levied at subscription and/or redemption.

The information on this web page does not take into account the specific or future investment objectives, financial or tax situation or particular needs of any recipient. Tax treatment of the subscription, holding and redemption of units in a Fund depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change. Before making any investment decision, investors are recommended to assess whether this investment is suitable for them in light of their financial knowledge and experience, investment objectives and financial or tax situation and to obtain specific advice from an investment professional.


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