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Inequality: the issue set to dominate the investment agenda

Our survey responses have revealed that inequality is an underlying, long-term thread weaving through many apparently shorter-term issues.

Our poll data has revealed that the UK general population broadly believes inequality is a problem, and that it is getting worse.
Inequality: the issue set to dominate the investment agenda

Inequality may not be the first topic to spring to mind for many investors but in fact the implications of inequality, both actual and perceived, have clear consequences: they relate directly to government spending in areas such as housing, transport and infrastructure, to name but a few, and to levels of government borrowing to fund these pledges.

We commissioned this survey to gain insights into the public perception of inequality, in order to help inform our longer-term view of possible pressures upon government spending, and to highlight in broader terms areas of the UK economy which might be affected by particular risks or opportunities.

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