An index fund offers a cost-effective, diversified and straightforward way for investors to access market returns.

Why LGIM for index fund management?

Our proven philosophy, scale, expertise and product breadth help to provide the efficient indexing solutions you expect from a market-leading index manager. With a singular focus on meeting your investment needs and a world-class corporate governance team helping to represent your interests, we aim to deliver value that goes beyond generating the market return.

  • Proven philosophy: a pragmatic cost-effective approach - Tight tracking, reducing costs and enhancing returns requires judgment and a rigorous analytical approach that goes beyond simply replicating the index day in and day out.
  • Scale: efficiencies and market access reduce cost - Over the last 25 years, LGIM has grown into one of the largest global providers of index funds. This scale generates significant efficiencies and cost savings which we can then pass on to you.
  • Expertise: experienced teams and advanced systems - experienced teams and advanced systems: Our people and systems seek to ensure effective portfolio management, low tracking error, and comprehensive risk oversight.
  • Product breadth: a wide variety of solutions - a wide variety of solutions: We offer pooled and segregated solutions covering both traditional market-cap weighted and various alternative beta strategies.
  • Aligned interests: focused on your investment needs - focused on your investment needs: LGIM has no brokerage, custody or banking affiliates, leaving us to focus on your investment needs. Any profits from stock lending or dividend enhancement go back to the fund, never to us.
  • Active ownership: driving shareholder returns - driving shareholder returns: Our scale also gives us real influence on, and access to, senior company management to engage at company and market levels to promote long-term shareholder interests.
  • Index-based strategies - LGIM offers a wide range of strategies using a variety of traditional market-cap indices to a variety of alternative and custom indices.