Multi-asset funds provide investors with a diversified exposure to a broad range of markets. By investing in a range of asset classes, countries, sectors and currencies, investors can avoid having a concentrated exposure to any one type of asset or driver of returns.

Risk management is an essential element of multi-asset investing. We incorporate risk management into our funds through a combination of advanced modelling techniques, investment judgement and oversight from our independent risk team. We aim to create portfolios that can perform through a variety of market conditions and that withstand or reduce the impact of negative market events, as we recognise that investors prefer a smoother ride to achieving their goals.

An introduction to Multi-asset at LGIM

Transcript: An introduction to Multi-asset at LGIM

Whoever you may be, we understand that your specific needs and investment beliefs are important.

That’s why we offer a range of multi-asset solutions to cater to your current and future needs.

For our longer term investors we have strategic solutions. These are designed to be simple, diversified solutions that can form the core of your investment portfolio.

For those with the appetite for a more active solution, our dynamic strategies give you the opportunity to seek additional returns with a responsive approach to downside risk management.

And finally, for those with a shorter investment horizon our Low-equity Beta strategies look to target sources of return with low volatility.

We take a top down, macro approach to focus on the broad themes influencing multi-asset investments. This focus ensures our solutions can deliver against their objectives.

Our team is set up to ensure that everyone’s voice, and therefore expertise is heard. We have dedicated types of specialists that work together as one team. We believe that by specialising, we generate world class investment ideas from which all our solutions benefit.

We understand that there is a bigger picture and that it’s about more than just making an investment; it’s about finding a multi-asset solution.

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Why LGIM for multi-asset?

  • Macro expertise: we believe that macro investing is the key to identifying the turning points and themes that drive returns. We have a significant in-house macro investing capability, with a team that includes economists and strategists
  • A leading investment toolkit: having a great macro view only makes sense if you can seek to maximise the return from those insights. We have more than 300 in-house funds ranging from traditional fixed income index funds to smart beta index strategies and active funds, all providing liquid and cost-efficient investment exposure
  • Risk clarity: risk management shouldn’t just be about ‘systems’. It has to be appropriate. We have an transparent, objective-driven approach to manage the risks that matter to our clients and ensure that investments remain aligned with their goals