Defined benefit

Solutions for every stage of a pension scheme’s life cycle.

At LGIM, our role is to support DB pension schemes along the journey towards their endgame. As one of the largest pension fund managers in the UK, we understand the importance of getting the balance right between short and long-term objectives. We work with our clients to manage the different risks trustees need to take in order to meet their ultimate goal of paying members’ pensions in full. Most DB schemes in the UK are affected by the same three challenges:

Improving funding levels

How to deliver growth to improve funding levels.

Managing risk

How to protect your scheme from unrewarded risks.

Paying pensions

Which assets generate cashflow to pay pensions.

And for those schemes that are approaching their endgame, we have endgame solutions

Easing the governance burden

Fiduciary Management

Expertise, understanding of client needs, and capacity for innovation and flexibility

Investment only platform

Access to our entire implementation toolkit

Transition Management

Helping you manage the risks and costs of strategic change

Investment strategies

Active equity

We focus on strategies where we can sustainably add value for our clients

Fixed income

A macro-driven thematic investment process with no in-built style biases


Cost-effective, straightforward ways for investors to access market returns


Liquidity management and secured funding


Diversified exposure to a broad range of markets, with integrated risk management

Real Assets

Real estate, infrastructure and corporate debt

Factor-based investing

We have the in-house capabilities to create strategies for a wide range of client outcomes