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Engaging with schemes and members across the entire DC journey

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Our vision for DC

How we support you through communications, administration and investment excellence

DC Investment strategies

Our offerings for different stages pre- and post-retirement

Investment only platform

Access to our entire implementation toolkit

Workplace pensions

Our range of trust and contract-based options

L&G Mastertrust

Our complete solution, designed to alleviate the pensions burden for employers


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DC Strategies

Multi-asset funds

Diversified exposure to a broad range of markets, with integrated risk management

The Future World Fund

Addressing the long-term financial risks of climate change

Active Equity funds

We focus on strategies where we can sustainably add value for our clients

Pre-retirement funds

Investments for members planning to buy an annuity in the future


Our Thinking

Bringing our most compelling thoughts to help you make more informed investment decisions.

Four pots for your retirement: Creating personalised solutions