UK Reporting Funds

The information contained on this page is applicable to:

  • Shareholders who are resident for the purposes of tax in the United Kingdom; and
  • Offshore funds which are themselves Reporting Funds.

Certain share classes of funds within Legal & General’s fund range have obtained ‘Reporting Fund’ status from HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”).

The United Kingdom’s tax laws require shareholders who are resident for the purposes of tax in the United Kingdom and who invest in an offshore fund which has Reporting Fund status to include in the tax returns which they submit to HMRC both the actual distributions received from their investment as well as any reportable income which is in excess of those distributions.

If you invest in a share class of a fund which has Reporting Fund status, you are required to review the report(s) below so that you may include in your United Kingdom tax return any amounts of reportable income which are in excess of the income which has actually been paid to you. The date on which you are deemed to receive this is six months after the end of the fund’s period of account.

Reportable income report