Liquidity Management (within Global Trading and Liquidity Management) forms a strategic part of our asset management capability incorporating liquidity management and secured funding.

For the LGIM Liquidity Funds the macroeconomic outlook acts as an anchor to portfolio construction. Fundamental credit research, focused on the evolution of credit quality, provides a universe of permitted issuers. While investment and operational risk management oversight ensures consistency with portfolio objectives.


Our fund range

To support operational cash management, same day liquidity and daily price stability, we offer Liquidity Funds in Euro, Sterling, and US Dollars. For more strategic cash, the Liquidity Plus Fund  aims to offer capital stability and an increased return target over a longer term horizon. Both funds can be used independently or as a combined cash investment management solution. We also offer a bespoke separate account capability.

Please visit the LGIM Fund Centre for more information on the LGIM Liquidity Funds range or contact our Distribution Team.

Investment team

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John Wherton

Head of Money Markets
Ketan Shah

Ketan Shah

Fund Manager