Active ownership: aiming to deliver real-world outcomes

Our Active Ownership report details how our Investment Stewardship and Investment teams exercised voting rights across our entire book and engaged with companies, policymakers and other stakeholders with an aim to deliver positive change on topics including deforestation, income inequality, human rights and artificial intelligence.

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LGIM’s 13th annual Active Ownership report

From our rollout of net-zero audits to detail on our place-based social impact toolkit, read the full report.

Responsible investing

We believe embedding responsible investing factors into our investment analysis and decision-making will enable our business to deliver long-term positive value to all our stakeholders.

I’m proud of our work over the past year financing nature-positive initiatives. By being more intentional in our efforts to drive positive outcomes, based on the needs of the communities where our assets are located, we can aim to generate long-term value for our investors.
Shuen Chan, Head of Responsible Investment & Sustainability, LGIM Real Assets

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The Real Assets ESG team operates across the LGIM Real Assets platform. This dedicated group works closely with the asset management and investment teams to support ESG integration in investment strategy and decision making.

Key risks

The value of any investment and any income taken from it is not guaranteed and can go down as well as up, and investors may get back less than the amount originally invested. The risks associated with each fund or investment strategy should be read and understood before making any investment decisions. Further information on the risks of investing is available from LGIM’s Fund Centres.

While LGIM has integrated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into its investment decision-making and stewardship practices, this does not guarantee the achievement of responsible investing goals within funds that do not include specific ESG goals within their objectives.

¹Reuters, Ecuador seals record debt-for-nature swap with Galapagos bond, May 2023. 
²An investment which targets financial returns as well as positively impacting a local area, such as increasing sustainability or economic development. See case study on page 71 of the Active Ownership Report for more information.